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Home Colonic Irrigation

Welcome to Home Colonic Irrigation. The information site that will help you understand all the hype about colon cleansing. Colon cleansing is not a myth but a proven fact. The benefits of having your colon cleansed range from weight lose to increased energy. Let's keep it as simple as possible and describe the most important benefits of colon cleansing. Seeing as we are the worlds worst "junk food eaters" this is hugely important. With 47 million customers each day buying something at MacDonald's we are all in desperate need to have our colon cleansed. People who have a well balanced diet are also in need of cleansing. Your colon gets pact with old fecal mater and toxins which line the walls of your large intestine. You can go to a clinic and have your colon cleansed by an irrigation specialist or you can do it at home, with a simple home colonic irrigation kit. Colon toxins are a major problem that amounts to several issues with your daily health. Let discuss them.

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Weight Reduction. The scary thing about not cleaning your colon is that it can add 10-30 pounds of additional weight. Not only is this more weight which your body certainly doesn't need but it is additional toxic fecal waste that is lining your large intestine. Colon cleansing will reduce these toxins and will certainly reduce you weight and increase you health.

home colonic irrigationLose weight and reduce waist size

Colon Cancer kills over 600,000 people every year and is the second most deadly cancer of them all. Here is another reason that doing a regular colon cleanse is a very important part of staying healthy. We eat 1,500 pounds of food a year. Take a 40 year old man and you have about 50-60,000 pounds of food. Your colon is being lined continuously! Colon cancer develops with malignant cells in the lining of the large intestine. It can be seriously enhanced with the colon toxins backing up in your intestine.

Nutrient Absorption is a less serious health issues that are caused by an over lined colon that can be eradicated by home colonic cleanse. We all eat healthier most of the time. Eating fruit and vegetable and taking vitamins is definitely becoming apart of out lives. The problem is that no matter what we take as a nutrient there is a large percentage that doesn't get absorbed do to the fact that the large intestine can't absorb anything through the toxic lining of waste. Once you have done a home colonic cleanse, this will breakdown the waste and allow for a better nutrient and vitamin absorption. Hence a healthier longer life.

Look Younger and Leaner with home colonic cleansers the look of your skin improves and looks healthier. Obviously with the nutrients absorption enhanced, this will allow for a healthier skin and improves the sign of aging. Muscle tone is another proven benefit from home colonic cleansing. Who doesn't wan to look leaner?

These are all proven issues and benefits to home colonic irrigation cleansing. This is an alternative treatment but is a simple one that can be done in the privacy of your own home allowing you to be private will dealing with your bodies waste and toxin excretion.