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home colonic irrigation

Home colonic irrigation





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home colonic irrigation



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With all the benefits to the colon cleaning, I am sure everyone is ready to start their cleansing. Where to go? What to do? How to do? These are all valid questions that I am sure is one everyone’s mind. This is an alternative practice, so it is harder to get a handle on the answers. Let's try and make sense of this practice.

One way to go about a colonic cleanse is to go to a colonic irrigation clinic. This is a good way to go about it but here are some of the downfalls with clinical colon cleanses. You have to leave you home and drive out to a clinic. You obviously will need to do some research first. The cost is between $55 and $95 per 45-60 minute session. This is a once off cost. If you go to a clinic three times a year it could end up costing you $165-$285 per year. The other common complaint is that it is a very embarrassing position to put yourself. Having your colon cleansed means that you need to be naked and have someone inserting tubes into your rectum. This also means that you have to lie naked while your bodily toxins are handled by someone else. Not the best situation to be in!


home colonic irrigation


We reccommend buying a home colonic irrigation kit from You will save a ton of money and be completely satisfied with the product.

Wouldn't this be more comfortable and private if you could do it in your own home? Most people answer yes to that. You can do home colonic cleanses in several ways. There are various detoxifying diets and various home cleanse kits but the most effective is the home colonic hydration kit. Also know as home colonic irrigation. Essentially you can buy and inexpensive kit that can do the exact same procedure as the clinics can. Except you can do it in your bathroom by your self. The cost ranges from $250 - $350 for the kit but this is a once of cost and you can do it as many as you want. The kits come with water buckets, colonic boards, and tubing. You can mange the whole process at home and gain all the benefits in a peaceful environment.