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Home Colonic Irrigation Reviews

"I have been very ill with IBS & nausea, with later total loss of bowel movement and terrible pain. I tried many options including Isagenix, (the protein powder) which kind of helped, but I still had recurring problems many times. Now 14 years later I have much more control but have now added gluten intolerance to the mix.

I bought a home colonic kit after a recommendation from my friend who is a doctor and I would recommend them to everyone! I bought a gravity-fed colonic kit and I had no side effects. It was very gentle. It wasn't embarrassing because I didn't have a nurse inserting the tip into my rectum and have to lay on a bed with a complete stranger in the room. Afterwards I felt pretty great.

Later I did a three day cleanse of grapefruit, apples and cherrys and celery, all cut up into tiny bite size pieces. The first week my boyfriend said 'Wow, you are looking a lot better aren't you?'. Yes, I felt perfect! And five days later I felt even better" - " Leigh Ann

"My home colonic kit is used by my whole family. We all have seen a tremendous benefit. My wife has reduction in stomach cramps that she has had for years and I have reduced weight and have felt more energized., this really helps!!" Mike Savage


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